EXPERIENCE: GISMERO, S.A. was founded more than 40 years ago to be a leader in the field of metal transformation design and manufacturing and gradually has become one of the most important manufacturer of either acoustic or fire-rated doors.

SKILLS: Our specialization in the manufacture of high quality either acoustic or fire-rated doors, allow us to get total flexibility (dimensions, hardware, etc.) from only one unit and with a short delivery delay, thanks to an exclusive production management system.

OUR PRODUCTS: The widest range of different door types: Swinging, horizontal and vertical sliding, glazed, in any size with side and/or transom panels. With glazed apertures in any shape or customized. . Door finish in galvanized or stainless steel, and decorative laminates or timber veneers. Special  types of frame to adapt to any type of partition. Ability to install any type of hardware of any brand.

SERVICES: Homologated mounting procedure door to metallic pre-frame. Door hardware installation and adjust. After sales service to maintain and repair the doors and its hardware.

OUR CLIENTS: Our product is focused to Architects, Real Estate Promoters, Building Companies and other professionals which are involved in building design and edification.